OAGITM 2021 Winter Virtual Conference Series

  • 23 Feb 2021
  • 10:00 AM
  • 25 Feb 2021
  • 12:00 PM
  • Via Virtual Conference Service (Zoom)


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[As of 2/17/2021]

2/23/2021 - Tuesday:

10-11am          Joshua Schmidt, Technical Assessment Manager, Info@Risk

"How to harden your attack surface in the age of software vendor supply-chain attacks" - Third party vendor supply-chain attacks have come to the forefront of cybersecurity conversations as the SolarWinds (and beyond?) breach has permeated our nation’s critical computing infrastructure, not to mention numerous trusted vendors that used SolarWinds. Hardening systems against well-funded advanced persistent threats (APTs) that are not only stealthy, but also craft their own zero-day exploits and embed trojans in trusted third party software, is a daunting task. By taking a structured approach to layered controls, organizations can minimize the impact of a trusted vendor supply-chain attacks. Join Josh Schmidt, lead penetration test assessor for BPM, as he outlines the problem and possible approaches to mitigate this ever-present threat.

11am-noon      George I. Fenton and Rocky Chavarria, Washington County Information Technology Services

“Managing Regulatory Information Security Compliance and Reducing Your Loss Magnitude" - This webinar will showcase the five information security regulatory compliance requirements applicable to most local governments. These will be the foundation in analyzing potential loss magnitude which could impact your organization should you experience a major security incident, such as a ransomware attack, or a security audit. Six forms of loss will be described through a fictitious incident response, highlighting how the regulations and guidance can affect your organization.

2/24/2021 - Wednesday:

10-11am          Michael Finch, Chief Information Officer, Lane County Technology Services and Cerium Networks 

"The Fast Track to M365 adoption & value through partnerships" - Are you still on the fence with Microsoft 365? Perhaps your organization has even purchased it but feel like you’re still in the waiting room for value with a hundred “technical” pathways in front of you? If so, this is the session for you. Lane County and Cerium Networks have teamed up to discuss how to leave the waiting room and unlock the potential in your M365 subscription through partnerships. We will discuss the best pathways to partnering Vendor services with your technology teams and your business units for end to end engagement for happy users and happy techies.

11am-noon      Oregon Wildfires and community connectivity as an extension of ESF-2

"A case study of how Oregon Internet Response (OIR) volunteers partnered with Lane County, the communities in the McKenzie River Valley and multiple agencies, businesses and individuals in providing essential emergency bandwidth for critical community recovery services."

2/25/2021 – Thursday:

10-11am          Sean B. Hoar, CISSP, CIPP/US, Partner and chair of the Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, Lewis Brisbois LLP

“Government Technology Management: Responding to Major Cyber Threats” - Government technology managers have enough to worry about in marshalling and maintaining basic network resources, without also defending and responding to major online threats. Unfortunately, this is the “new normal.” Ransomware and exfiltration extortion, business email compromises, fraudulent wire transfers, and sophisticated social engineering – malicious attackers are unremittingly persistent, attempting to access networks, steal and monetize data, and extort public funds on a daily basis. This session will include a briefing of the most serious online threats facing government networks, and a discussion of how to prepare for and manage major disruptive network events. It will include a number of recommendations about how to avoid some common mistakes that occur during the incident response process, and mitigate the risk of emerging threats along the way.

11am-noon      Business Meeting 

Stay informed, be involved, and support the association. All members are welcome to attend, learn where OAGITM is headed and provide input on a variety of membership items like conference venues, agendas, and finances.  Voting Delegates will be polled on by-law and key organizational policy changes as needed. New for this year, OAGITM Committees (Communications, Technical, and Membership), will briefly present on their goals and next steps.

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